Grill Safety Tips

Each memorial day weekend Americans pull out their grills that have been sitting in the garage or storage unit for the whole winter.  It is critical to think about safety before first using it.  Step back and take a look at what you are working with.  If it is a gas grill then you will want to investigate all the connections where the gas travels.  Make sure there are no leaks or breaks in the tubes.  You can then turn the gas on for a minute and feel around the connections to see if you feel anything.  If not, then move over to the top part of the grill and look inside.  Make sure that the entire area inside is clean and there is nothing stuck inside.  You never know what could end up in the grill while it sits all winter long.  After that is clean you can then make clean the top part where you put the food.  There are wire brushes that work to scrub off all the dirt and grime that adds up over the years.  There is an excellent grill safety quiz that you should check out to make sure you cover all the topics.  If you have a grill that is not gas and one where you can put charcoal or wood in then this is easier.  All you have to do is pull the lid off and clean out the entire grill and part where you cook the food.  Then put the charcoal or wood in and fire it up.  If you use something to speed up the lighting process like lighter fluid then make sure that you have a fire source that has a very long extension on it so you can make sure not to burn off your eyebrows and hair when you light it up.   Enjoy the summer and the food that you can make on a grill, it is going to be an excellent summer and thank goodness it is here.


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