Olfactory Reference Syndrome

It might happen that when you were growing up a family member told you that you stunk.  Your odor was foul and you needed to do something about it.  Maybe they were just messing with you, maybe they didn’t mean anything by it but to rag on you a bit and now later in life you are paranoid about your smell.  This is called Olfactory Reference Syndrome.  It is when you don’t have anything wrong with your glandular system or any other problem causing abnormal body odor, it is just in your head.  Maybe the sense of smell is just better than everyone else, like super power strong.  In a latest study from New Orleans it was found out that people who suffer from this syndrome think about suicide and spend up to twenty five or more percent of their day obsessing about smells.  The true smells that are real come from bad breath, the arm pits, and the genitals and they do exist, but when you have this syndrome it is out of control.  There has been much mis-diagnosis with this and people have been labeled as schizophrenic when they don’t have it.  Pharmaceutical antipsychotics are often the treatment used.  There is also cognitive behavior therapy which works and there is a very good clinic named OCD of Los Angeles.  If you think that you might be smelling things that are not real and it is taking away your time and resources, or robbing you from life, then look into getting it treated.  As time moves forward there will be more disorders and syndromes and along with it more treatments, options, and most importantly hope.


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