Arizona’s New Immigration Law

The new law that the State of Arizona is trying to implement within the next  couple of weeks, means that in the state anyone, that means anyone can be stopped by a police officer with reasonable suspicion and be asked for proof of legal status in the United States.

So what does this mean for the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants that currently reside there?

Well two of three things, move out of the state, or move back to their country  of origin. If no proof can be provided an arrest will me made and a deportation will most likely occur. Leaving behind hopes of new dreams and of course their families.

So what are  their  kids to do?  These kids were actually born here in the United States and have inherited legal US  status by birth. Not many options here, but to simply go back to their parents country, and adapt to what may seem to a foreign country to them. Many of these countries are of course third world and offer no education and no real hope for their future.

So what happens next well in about 15 years these same kids will be of legal age and will come here just like their parents did to live their American Dream, an American Dream that belongs to anyone that wants to have it.


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