Can’t Stop Growing? It Might be Acromegaly

Can you imagine one day that you wake up and find that your foot grew a whole shoe size?  It might not happen that fast, but if you suffer from acromegaly then you could become very tall and have all of your body parts grow beyond what is normal.  Growth hormone is responsible for growth.  It is a very strong hormone that all of us make and is at high levels during the teenage years and in the early twenties and goes down as the age increases.  There is a recent lady who found a cure for excessive growth.  Doctors have found a combination of drugs and medications to put together to reduce her growth hormone level.  She will not be able to go back to a normal size, but she can no longer have to worry about growing any more.  This condition is so severe that i can cause brain tumors, back pain, and other problems.  It is a shame that people have to have excessive amounts of this hormone produced but luckily there is a cure now.  Hopefully those who have it and don’t know it yet can get treatment before they are diagnosed with it.  If they can stop the production of the hormone then they can not have the side effects and be able to live a normal life.


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