Steve Jobs and Making Good Decisions

As neat as the Mac machines are, as good as the ipod sounds, and as fun as the ipad is to use, they are pretty basic as far as functionality is concerned. They all use the basic fundamentals to get the job done, but with a lot more sleekness than with other things.  The whole Microsoft vs. Apple thing seems to be going away, but now there is a new competitor in the mix, google. They are hot up on this android platform and if they keep plugging away like they have been they will be a major player in the cellular phone application world.

Now there is a bit of conflict between Adobe and Apple, but this is because they are not using their product in the new Ipad, so that means lost revenue for them. When the money is taken away, the people get upset. Steve Jobs is now moving away from flash and going in a different direction.  Jobs is a man who can see the future and let go of things that will not work and grab onto thing that do. He is a true pioneer in this technology age that we are in and will go down in the history books as a leader and someone who creates really neat stuff and knows how to market it.


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