Caffeine Intoxication

Not to long a guy a guy hit two pedestrians while driving under the influence. Not the influence of alcohol, but caffeine. Sounds like a plea that is out there, but there is such a condition and it is called “caffeine intoxication”. It is even listed in the Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. People can do all kinds of things now and blame it on something. If they eat too much fast food over a period of years it is the fast food companies fault. Rather than taking responsibility it is the norm today to blame it on something.

Each person builds up a caffeine tolerance and in the beginning they can only consume a small amount because there is no tolerance. As time goes on and they drink more and more they need more to feel the energy and the buzz. How much does it take to become intoxicated? It depends on the person. If someone had sixty cups of coffee in one hour they are going to have problems. It is not known of scientific studies that measure the limit someone can have before experiencing cardiac arrest or death, but there might be an amount and it might exist. For now, it is best to have one or two cups a day and be responsible for each of our own actions. If I type too much on the keyboard it is not the keyboards fault, it is my own fault that I typed too much.


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