Gulf Coast In Despair

So we now that today it has been forty-five days since the biggest oil spill in U.S territory. British Petroleum putting the blame on others, and the Obama and it’s government trying to put an end to it, but should in it be priority to actually control the millions of gallons being spill into the Gulf of Mexico?

There are tons of oil companies out there that do have new technology out there, this is one of those times where we should all stand with each other and help our mother earth regain it’s health on a problem that we  humans caused.  Yes we all blame BP but the truth of the matter is, it could have been any other company anywhere else in the world and the consequences are not catastrophic.

The well-being of thousands of families is now not just being jeopardized but the true results are being felt by not being able to fish simply continue their daily tasks. This is the time where the government needs to forget about what is in it for them and actually get in there get their hands dirty and get BP all the help it needs to stop the spill. We should all remember that we only have one earth and once this one runs out we do not have a place to go to, neither our kids.


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