Obesity and Prostate Cancer, Not Good

There has been a new study done that shows there is a correlation between the size of prostate that has a tumor and the weight of the patient.  If a person is bigger in size and has a large body mass index then the tumor size grows at the same rate.  It means that the growth of a tumor grows when the body mass index grows.

The study was a decent sized one, there were 3,327 patients that had prostate tumors that had cancer that were removed by a procedure.  The doctors and scientists measured the tumor weight to the prostate weight and it is solid evidence that the correlation is direct.  If you are a man with a high bmi and you have a a tumor on your prostate, then the size will grow according to your BMI.

Why is this important?  Because it is more proof that a healthy weight is important for longevity and to avoid disease and cancer.  It is challenging with all the tempting fast food places to eat and the amount of stress that is experienced.  When stress levels rise, wanting to eat unhealthy food rises.  If you can simply start to drink a few glasses of water a day, walk for a half hour, and not get so stressed out, then you can improve your health and lower your risks of heart disease, cancer, and other deadly diseases.

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