Michelle Obama Wants Your Kids to be Healthy, Not Obese

The kids in the United States are overweight. Each year the studies show that the average weight rises and the body mass index is getting higher and higher as time moves on. Michelle Obama is going to work on getting the problem fixed by working on improving the school food.

Looks like she is pushing to get $10 billion dollars worth of funding to make the food more nutritious and better for the kids. There is a campaign going on where she has some of the worlds tops chefs hanging out at the White House working on promoting healthier eating. Rachel Ray was there just to let you know how important this is.

The overall plan with this is to cut down on the medical costs that will happen if the obesity keeps rising in our youth. As the kids age they will have so many health problems that the medical costs will be insane. It is about $150 billion currently to pay for the obesity-related diseases. That is a bit more than the $10 billion, actually 15x more. It looks to be a decent plan and a good strategy to hopefully improve the health in the United State, physically and financially speaking. This is a positive thing, which is nice to learn about because we are surrounded by so much negative information.


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