Non Epileptic Attack Disorder – Man Walks 100 Miles Barefoot

It sounds so neat to be able to walk 100 miles barefoot.  This seems like an impossible task but someone just did it and did not even know about it.  A man in Bristol lost his memory, he forgot who he was and just started walking.  He disappeared for a over a week.  His wife and kids wondered what happened to him and were worried, but it turned out that he was walking around.  He ended up being found at a supermarket and they took him to the hospital and he was diagnosed with Non Epileptic Attack Disorder, which is a type of seizure.  Luckily he did not experience too much bodily harm while he was gone on his mystery trip.  He did have major blisters on his feet and lost a whole lot of weight, plus he was dehydrated.  It must be weird to not be able to remember things for up to a weeks at a time.  Life is tough when you don’t have control over your circumstances.  Just when you think that things are going alright it turns out that you do things and can’t remember them at all.  This can happen with alcohol abuse, but not the the extend of what happened to Mark Stott of Bristol.  The treatment will start and he should be able to get this under control and not have this happen again.  His wife is very pleased that he is home and now that the problem is diagnosed it should be under control.  If it does happen again at least everyone will be prepared this time.  He probably will be under watch for quite some time so his wife does not have to wonder if he is alive or dead.


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