Save the Penguins with Legal Help

At least someone is getting something done to protect the penguins. In San Francisco a federal judge went ahead gave the go ahead over a legal settlement with regards to the Endangered Species Act. There are seven species that will be protected. The African, yellow-eyed, white-flippered, erect-crested, humboldt, fiordland crested, and the rockhopper. All will get protection and it is about time.

We should really start to look at all the wonderful things that are on the planet rather than just consuming and using things for our own interests. We act like we are at the top of the food chain, which we are, but since we are we should be protecting everything. Look at the world as one big place that has many moving parts and particles to create a space where we live and function. If you ask the people who are doing the damage to think about their kids and future generations they will probably laugh at you and tell you that everything is just fine. The scientists keep doing their research and keep presenting excellent facts and figures for the whole world to see, but it just seems like it is a waste of time. Not enough people are listening and taking action to save our planet from disaster. The United States should get it’s act together with this and be the one who enforces the rules and regulations to help those who follow us on planet earth. Well, at least we are making some progress and the penguins got a bit of breathing room here.


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