Social Security, Really?

For those of us who are of a younger age and are no where near retirement, and are working on a daily basis to have a better life for our families and other people who we care about, when going to the bank we usually get asked if we have a 401k our an IRA account.

Of course there are those that are planners and had this set up since they were eighteen but what about those of use who think that since we do pay social security on a monthly basis, we should be ok.

The reality is that we probably won’t get to see that money by the time we reach the retirement age, which keeps getting pushed back every year. And if there is something left, what we will get is probably next to nothing. So let’s get real, here at an age where we can actually do something about it since we have thirty some years to fix our own problem on reaching the age of retirement. So the best solution now, is to work hard, make stuff happen, and put money in the bank account that goes well beyond to what we will need, and not rely on the government, since those thirty some years are really not that far out.


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