Is Your City Part of Toxic America

We all care about the environment and living in a world that is clean, because we know that having contaminated stuff around us can really not have only have an impact on the grounds that we walk on, but most importantly our health, or families health, and our neighbors health.

The definition of toxic is, something capable of causing injury or death, especially by chemical means; poisonous. So if you can really absorb this is it something that is life threatening to all. Of course there are places that are right next to chemical plants and those are the last places that you want to live, since all that stuff goes into the air.

But if you think you are safe, think again. We as consumers simply consume without giving it much thought. We simply take care of the immediate needs without much thought. But we really have to sit there and look at the bigger picture. We are very big on buying plastic goods, but do we know how many other humans are put at harm to make this precious commodity. We have to become more conscious of what is going on around us, it may not affect us now, but it will affect in the future. We cannot keep putting ourselves first at the cost of forgetting everyone else, because some people my live in Toxic cities now, an it may be your toxic America tomorrow.


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