Texting and Driving Kills

Up to 28% of accidents that happen in traffic involve the use of a cell phone. Crazy isn’t it? So, if there are ten accidents 3 of them will have a cell phone involved. So what does this mean? Stop talking on the phone and focus on driving. It is very selfish to do this based of this statistics. We should live our life based off the science and the numbers so we don’t cause harm to others. With this information it is wise to simply not talk on the phone while driving. Just wait, it really is not that hard.

Doctors are taking a stance and talking to their patients about this problem because it causes so much damage and problems. Just like the talk that they have about smoking and eating too much, they are now discussing how dangerous it is to talk and drive.

It is such a problem that an act has been created by the United States Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation. It is called the Distracted Driving Prevention Act. What it does is it gives the states who have regulations against this problem incentives. The talking is bad while driving, but what the studies have found is that texting is the main culprit behind the problem.

So, to conclude this, stop texting and focus on driving and safety. Don’t put yourself and others at risk. The world is so much better when we look out for each other. The texting can wait, it is not like there is a fire that needs to be put out. The people can wait, look out for your fellow women and men.


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