Ultrasound Misses Baby That Has No Eyes

There is a condition called anophthalmia where there is no eye tissue and a person is blind, forever. There is microphthalmia where there is a partially missing eye. This is not an inherited disease, it is thought as being a genetic mutation or some strange occurrence that happens during the first couple of weeks after conception.

This disease can’t be detected by ultrasound. Ultrasound works great to find many of the genetic and deformities that babies can have and this is good because parents and doctors can be prepared to treat the baby when it is born.

There is a problem where we are putting a lot of trust and confidence in ultrasound and we are forgetting about genetic testing. There should be a combination of both and this would be better for both the mother and the child. Many defects can be treated while in the womb, which will make it ideal for a great life for the child.

With diseases and conditions like this it makes you want to look at what you do have. When you have a healthy child it makes you want to be thankful and appreciative. So many times we get caught up in what we don’t have and look at the negative. Those who are fortunate should give back in some way shape or form to those that are less fortunate.


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