Bone Marrow or Umbilical Cord Blood for Saving Lives With Stem Cells

So many people with diseases need help from the stem cells that are in bone marrow and umbilical cord blood. The stem cells can replace the damaged and diseased cells and make a person better. Babies are born each day with fresh umbilical cord blood that is tossed out and not used. This is critical for those in need and can save their lives. Taking out bone marrow is risky and puts the person who is having it done to help someone else at risk. We all can simply avoid this by going ahead and getting a system in place where we collect umbilical cord blood. We can have matches made for those who have leukemia or other deadly diseases. This is going to be the future for saving lives that before did not have the option or the know how of what the stem cells could do to save people. The system is going to be tough to get into place because many things will have to change. People are resistant to change but will do it once they can see the wonderful benefits that saving the umbilical cord blood can have. Maybe it could be a big bank where we can store all the different types of blood and when someone needs help they can simply get the correct type sent to the hospital and lives can be saved. Technology and advances make it great for all of us to have a better life and get those who need help the right type of treatment with the least amount of risk.


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