Progeria Makes You Age Rapidly, Girl Refuses To Give Up

There are some people who look at the good in any and all situations. Now imagine having a rare disease that affects 1 in 8 million people where you age very fast. There is a girl Hayley Okines who is someone that looks at the best in things even though she has the disease progeria. She has sever arthritis and aches and pains of someone that is one hundred years old. She does not let it get her down, she just keeps going and pushing.

She takes many medications and has been treated with an FTI drug (farnesyltransferase inhibitors) and new statins, all of which have seemed to help. These can help reverse the effects of the progeria cells and lower some of the symptoms, which is something very positive. Drugs work so great to help with this condition, it is a necessity to keep her alive and going. Without the help of these pharmaceuticals she would not be able to be in such a good condition as she is.

So, no matter how bad that someone thinks that they have it, it really is not that bad. There is good in everything. Take a minute and think about what can be learned, what can be gained, and what good can come out of any situation. Never give up and keep on pushing and moving forward.


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