Botox Brings Emotional Stability

We are a society that just loves to look real good. We are very focused on appearance and will do many things to overcome the aging process. We are also quite a sad society, meaning we are not happy and take a lot of drugs to make ourselves feel better. So, if you are a person that wants to look better and suppress your emotions, then go and get Botox treatments.

Botox works by paralyzing the muscles of the face that cause wrinkles. It is a toxic substance if you can believe that and the name is Botulinum toxin. It makes the muscles not move. It may make you appear to look younger, but it also removes the functional ability of the muscles in the face.

The brain works by a feedback mechanism from the face. Let’s say that you are wanting to be happier, you can make a smile happen on your face and this will trigger something in the brain to fire off and cause you to be happier. There is a link between the muscles and the brain. So, when you use Botox to freeze the muscles they are not able to give any feedback to the brain.

This could be good news for those who take anti-depressent and other mind altering drugs. Maybe the need for these can be decreased and a person can feel more stable with the news of this information. A person can’t turn the emotions up or down, they can stay stable, and stable is good. Happy is best, but stable works. It is much better than sad. Not only can you look better and have less wrinkles, but you can become more emotionally stable. This needs more research because it could help get many people off the anti-depressent medications.


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