Is Obama Going To Make It?

Well it seems we have just survived the worst recession in history, of course that is after the world’s greatest depression in the thirties. We have all learned the hard way, of what it is to be a person without a job, a person who now is running late on paying their bills, and because of this those credit card rates just keep going through the roof.

Yes it is true that it was an evil that was inherited from the previous office and we are all aware what mistake were made then, but we were kind of hoping that no new mistakes were made now, or at least fewer or less grave ones. We are at a one year and a half under this new president and I think that the feeling that we all have in our guts is one of uncertainty, we are just simply not sure what he is going to do next, it has all become extremely gray and a blur.

Quite true that miracles do not happen in just a few days nor a year but we sure do wish that about this time now we would start seeing some positive signs, and good things coming out of the White House, I certainly hope we do not wait another four years.


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