Women in Politics

This is the twenty first century, time has really moved forward and it has brought with it some great technological advances and of course many changes for man.  One of this unprecedented changes is that is finally really accepting women as an individual that is equal to man, here in planet earth. Of course this is an idea that is much more advanced in some nations and really not at all in others.

Women over the last fifty years, have been given a ton of improvement in their participation in the governments of this great planet, for the first time in years we are seeing women being the presidents of entire countries and having thousands of people be in their command.  As the world keeps evolving and really giving human race a chance for what it is capable of, many women now will actually have a shot at changing the history of their own countries, their people but for what is better doing good for the entire world.  It is a good place to be in when governments are ruled in fairness, may we continue in this route so that not only women are given a chance but every single human, everywhere.


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