Lazy McDonald’s Employees or Sneaky Plot to Make Kids Fat?

Looks like some people from the Center for Science in the Public Interest from Washington D.C. went to 44 McDonald’s restaurants and ordered some happy meals. What happened is interesting and it makes you wonder whether the employees are just lazy and do what is easiest, or if there is some evil intentions.

The happy meal comes with a side dish choice of french fries or apple slices. It also comes with a choice of low fat milk, juice, or soft drinks. The group found that when they did not mention anything as to what they want as a side dish 93% gave them french fries. Interesting isn’t it? The fried fat filled potatoes that are not good for your health in any way. It makes you wonder if the employees just don’t want to bother asking and do the easiest thing possible. Maybe they could make the healthier apple what everyone gets instead of the fries.

The group has many problems with the way that toys are used to attract kids to eat unhealthy meals. They are working to get the restaurant chain to work on a different way to get kids to eat the 430 calorie fat filled meal in a different way. This is a tough one because kids want this stuff, they like it. There could be a huge win with all of this if McDonalds could reduce the calories and get more vitamins and minerals into their food while keeping it taste good. Guess that is a big task, but if they could do it the kids could be healthier and our healthcare cost can reduce over the next couple of years, or whenever the kids grow up and are overweight and have diseases and heart problems.


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