Catholic Church Time To Step Up

The Good Old Catholic Church is now at least 20 centuries old. With more than a  billion members that is one thousand millions. Their faith is strong and beliefs should be respected, just like any other religion, it really is a matter of faith. But what really gets to the rest of the world including catholics themselves is the silence of the Vatican when it come to priest child abuse. Hundreds of cased have now been published on the news, kids that lives were marked in a very traumatic way, who have to overcome their own pride in order to tell their story. Of course we all know that there hundreds and thousands of cases more worldwide were the abuse has been silent for many years. We only hear about what goes on in the United States because these kids will find more support and of course help to try to overcoeme something that in other coutries would never occur.

The Catholic church of course condemns what is going on but unfortunately no action is being taken. It is the role of the highest member of the church to step up and really take action in their hands, and focus on the positive aspects of religion.


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