The Real Reason You Are Fat is Because You Have Kids

It is interesting how you can blame just about anyone for anything in this day and age. What we like to do is research things and find correlations between things and then see if we can make sense out of it. Doing this process has helped up live better lives and make good decisions. After a recent study it is indicated that if you have kids that are under the age of 18 then you are more likely to be fat. This means that the real reason that you are overweight is because you have kids, blame them for it and feel better about yourself. The real reason is that there is less exercise done. The parents are not exercising as much. Is it the kids fault that the parents are not exercising? No, it is the decision of the parent not to exercise so everyone should take responsibility for their own actions. Here is the twist to the whole thing, kids who have obese parents are more likely to be obese. So who is to blame who? It would make logical sense that the parent is supposed to be the one in control of this problem here because they have more decision making abilities and are in control. Parents, don’t blame your kids if you are overweight, it is not their fault. Go ahead and increase your activity level and set a good example for your kids. Walk a few times per week, join a gym, or pick up an active hobby such as hiking or bike riding. Bring health to the family and yourself. Just my two cents after reading this in the news this morning.


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