I Have Facial Hair and Therefore Women Think I am Wild in the Bedroom

The Australians did a nationwide survey and found that 6 out of 10 women thought that men with facial hair had more sex appeal than a guy who is clean shaven. Men were surveyed also and 2/3rds of them thought they have better success with women if they are well groomed in the facial region. 75% of men feel more attractive to the opposite sex when they have facial hair. They also think it gives them more personality. But the main thing is that women think that guys are wilder in the bedroom when they have facial hair.

This is interesting to me because I have facial hair. After learning this information I can now feel better about myself that women think I am wild. Never before did I walk around thinking this. Thank goodness for surveys and studies about this topic because it makes people feel better, or worse about themselves. I used to be obsessed with being the cleanest shaved guy around, but that changed a while ago and ever since I have had better luck with the ladies. I just thought it was because of my personality, but it turns out it is because of my facial hair. This is very helpful information and can boost many men’s confidence levels who once thought they were less of men because of their facial hair.


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