DO NOT Stay Together for the Kids

So many times couples that are married stay together for their kids even though they can’t stand the site of each other. They want a divorce but choose not too because they thingk they are helping their kids. This might not be the best solution. It could be, but it might not be. Montclair State researcher is coming out after doing a study and stating that it is bad to stay together if there is going to be high conflict. It was a really good study and there was a survey of over 7000 married couples in the United States. They were first surveyed in 1987 and then followed up in 2001 and 2002 and what they found was that the childen who were part of a high conflict family did far better if their parents got a divorce. It is thought that the constant exposure to the conflict and fighting is what causes problems for the kids later in life. So, if you are currently in a marriage where you are fighting non-stop and you have kids, it might be best for everyone if you call it quits on the marriage and get a divorce. This way you can give your kids a better chance of being able to have a normal relationship when they are older. It is also noted that those children that grew up in a low conflict family were not more or less likely to be better off or worse off.


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