Bison Meat and E. Coli

I can remember the first time I was walking through the supermarket and as I was picking up the steak for the summer family picnic I saw bison meat for sale.  I remember thinking that it was kind of different and I am alright with different.  Later that week my roommate brought home some bison ground beef and asked if I wanted to eat a bison burger, so I did.  It tasted decent but something just did not sit right with me because it is different than the cow beef that I typically eat.  It is high in protein and low in fat, so that is why my roommate was eating it.  He was a healthy person who ate healthy low fat foods that were good for him.  Anyway, there is now a recall of bison meat because of E. Coli, or less commonly known as 0157:H7.

The United States is very proactive on keeping the health of everyone in order when it comes to sanitary food.  This is a good thing and we should all be very thankful for this.  E.Coli does not offer up friendly symptoms.  You are looking at horrible diarrhea, becoming completely dehydrated, and getting some of the worst cramps imaginable.  The bacteria should not be in your body and needs to be avoided at all costs.  When scares like this happen it can really hinder the sales.  Now people will be afraid of consuming bison when in reality it can occur with any meat source.  You can relax and be assured that the public health department will be working around the clock to prevent things like this to spread.


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