Chia Pets are Great for Your Health, Really?

I can remember watching the television and seeing this really neat plant grow out of this clay shaped animal. You grow hair on this clay shaped animal, but the hair is green. It was such a fun commercial. I never bought one, but always wanted too. It looks like now the Chia gel is good for your health. It is the chia seeds that work as an anti-inflammatory and helps reduce fat and cut calories.

The Aztec warriors are the ones that used the seed and was pretty much their food. It is interesting how now with the help of these seeds we can reduce fat and calories and become healthier. I can imagine that soon there will be commercials for chia cakes and chia foods. It will carry along the same jingle with the ch-ch-ch chia. There will be before and after pictures of people who used the seed to help them shred pounds and lose weight. It will be so much fun because so many of us already know about the pet and associate fun with it. It can help with weight loss which most of us need. If they can make a cake that is healthy and does not make you fat, that would be a hot seller.


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