Video Games and Attention Deficit Disorder

How do you diagnose attention deficit disorder? You just do. There really is not a standard objective way to diagnosis it. Lets say that you have chest pain and you want to know what the cause is. There are objective tests done to indicate exactly what is causing it. It could be a heart valve that is not working properly and you can see it with imaging. With this whole ADHD. problem is tough to get a grip on because the testing is so up in the air. Now video games are said to be causing this disorder. Guess the questionaire will now be “have you played more than 5 hours of video games per week for the last month?”. If you check yes then you will need to get on drugs because that means that you have issues with your attention. The drug companies are going to be hot up on this information because if there can be a correlation between video game playing and this disorder it will mean more people taking drugs. There is a lot of grey area with the distribution of these medications and over time there is going to have to be more objective evidence in order to prescribe these chemicals for kids and adults. Maybe the kids just are not getting enough attention and that is why they are having problems focusing. The subjective nature of this topic is quite out there in the medical field and it is just beyond me how this continues. It is good to maybe get your children away from the video games and more active with other kids, maybe involved in sports or some other activity. Maybe chess competitions or box car racing might be healthier than video games and make a kids health better and improve concentration. Whatever it is, a non-drug approach should be tried and tested until a successful outcome is achieved.


One thought on “Video Games and Attention Deficit Disorder

  1. While there are quite a few diagnostic tests for the diagnosis of ADD and ADHD I agree that Psychologists and Psychiatrists are quick to diagnosis and medicate without doing other preliminary testing. Though my experience is anecdotal, I believe that my child was misdiagnosed at an early age. He had difficulty concentrating, could not enter many situations late and “pick up” with quick explainations or instructions, and had a hard time doing lengthy assignments very early in his schoo0l career. At age 18 he was finally diagnosed with Celiac Disease and the Gastroenterologist would not make a connection between his difficulties and his Celiac but a bone scan revealed at age 18 that his bones were that of a elderly person with Osteoarthritis due to not absorbing nutrients. One can only wonder what nutrients went to his brain. No ADD meds were ever effective on him, that, in retrospect would make one conclude that he didn’t really have ADD, but no, his physicians prescribed one ADD medication after another which only served to make him enjoy that sped up feeling and now he is a user of Caffinated drinks like Red Bull and the ones with Alcohol and Caffiene. In europe every child is tested by age five for Celiac Disease, but here in the good old USA we are just becoming aware of Celiac Disease. As I learned working in an allied health field, always rule out the medical. many diseases and disorders look like learning disabilities or Psychiatric problems and aren’t.

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