Changing Hairstyle 100 Times in a Lifetime Is Crazy

The magazin Grazia reported that women will change their hair style about one hundred times during their life. That is a whole lot of changes and it makes you wonder why they would need to change their hair style so much. It possibley be because of society and the way that women are treated. They must change so much to be accepted, or it could be that they have extra time on their hands, but the second case is probably not true for most. People change many things in life and with this information you can see that women want change, but they are choosing less drastic changes, which can bring security to those around them. If women were doing drastic changes like moving, changing jobs, or getting remaried 100 times in a lifetime that would be a completely different topic.

This is good information for those that have a hair salon. This means that you will get atleast two visits a year from women who want a makeover. Getting a fresh look can make the day much better. It can give you a new outlook and make life better. I am not sure how many times men change their hair style, but I know that I am starting to change mine and it is not by choice. I am balding in the back of my head and if all the hair decides to go, then I will be forced into a new look without any choice on my part.


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