Hurricane Earl Becomes A Weak Storm In 2010

Just when everyone started to get all nervous the storm started to turn the corner into a much more weak system then thought of in the initial stages. Luckily all those who live on the coast on the east side of the United States can breath again and take it easy, that is, if you are below the North Carolina Line. It looks as though it will give New England a bit to worry about. It might make landfall early Saturday and cause some serious rain and winds. If you are on the coast at Cape Cod you might want to venture inland just in case. The winds might not be super strong, but the wind will be heavy and fierce. It really is not worth the risk because it can cause damage to the rough or trees.

Earl continues to lose it’s punch, the water and weather are cooler the further north that you go and this is opposite of what a hurricane needs to grow and build strength. If you decide to stay and you live in New England please hold tight and don’t go outside. It is best to stay in the safest part of your house and simply refuse to go out, no matter how tempting it might be to get out and see the madness. It would be better to watch the coverage on CNN or listen to it on the radio with batteries if the power goes out.


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