Journal of Science Shows Hope for Ketamine to Fight Depression

I was reading the news today in the health section and came across the article about the use of ketamine for depression. It seems like not too long ago this stuff was in the news as a party drug and since has been used to help as an anesthetic for children. The way that it works is that it can help make new healthy connections between the brain cells. Before it would take the anti-depressents months and months to make these connections and this ketamine is doing it fast, within 10 days. If someone is suffering really bad with depression and on the verge of suicide this might be the solution to get them feeling better faster. The enzyme that it works with is mTOR and is what connects the brain cells, not connects them, but works to synthesis the proteins. It looks as though this might really come in handy and help some of those that are in critical need. It sure is nice when things can be healed without drugs, but sometimes natural healing just doesn’t work. Let’s hope for more research on this in the future to see if this information holds up. The recreational drugs of the past might be the wave of the future. There is a reason people used these for recreation and they might be beneficial for specific conditions that we are currently unaware of.