Americans Against Fruits and Vegetables

It looks like we are seeing signs that some people are not liking things that they should. Like they are wanting to skip out on what is good for them and go with what is not good for them. They are not eating the amount of fruits and vegetables like they know they should be. Everyone knows how good they are for health, yet as time goes by no one wants to eat them.

Over the past 10 years only one out of the entire 50 states has increased in the amount of fruit and vegetable consumption. Idaho is the place to go if you want to be healthy because this is the state that had the increase in the amount of people eating the healthy foods. 1/3 of Americans eat two servings a day and then 1/4 have three servings per day. It looks like Washington D.C. and California like to eat fruit the most, and Tennessee likes to eat vegetables. I think that the United States is headed for some major health issues coming up over the next 50 years. Things have been getting worse as far as health is concerned. This will mean more drugs, more treatment, and more money for medical expenses. More Nurses and Doctors will be in demand coming up here.