Is Yoga Alright for Christians?

Are we being punished for all the bad things that we have done? Do you think that when bad things happen that it is paybacks from something done wrong, something that the man from above thinks is wrong? No one will ever know for sure because there is no way to prove it, but some believe this way and think that is the way things are.

I am a fan of yoga. I love it. I think yoga is a very healthy activity that gives you time to connect your mind and body and is so good for your overall well being. There are studies on it as being positive for your health. There is a southern baptist leader who says that the spiritual aspect of yoga is just not Christianity. This is an opinion and we all have our freedom of speech in the United States. I am glad that I have my freedoms too and that I can do my yoga. I love it and will not give it up unless there is a court order, which if I really doubt our country will ever allow that. When you get time alone and you take that time to connect your mind and body, there is no need to bash it or say it is bad, unless you want too, because you can under the right to free speech.