Using a Bottle Beyond 2 Years of Age is Not Recommended

We have a huge epidemic going on in the world. There are many people who do not have enough food available, and then there are those who have too much. The problem that we are facing is obesity. This is a major problem in the United States and other developing nations. Scientist and researchers have been looking into the problem for years and a new study is reporting that children who were drinking from bottles at the age of two were a third more likely to become obese by the age of five. Crazy? There are many factors that contribute to being overweight but this one is very interesting. If parents can work to get their children off bottle feeding by the age of one then they are more likely to have a healthy child.

This research does not connect the cause and effect one hundred percent at the moment, but this gives us a look into how we could save our children from problems later down the road. Parents can start offering them different types and colors of food and get them on more natural food earlier in life. Hopefully we will continue to learn more about this and save thousands, possibly millions on healthcare later on in life.