My Baby Exercises so She Will be Skinny

It looks like the British government is up to some good these days and stating that all children under the age of five should exercise each and every day. This means those little ones that are not able to walk yet. I guess they can shake their arms and legs or something to get those calories burning off the body. My little one does all kinds of funny movements when we put her on her stomach, so I guess we will continue with that after finding out this useful information.

If a kid can walk then they are supposed to get about three hours of activity each day. Doing it in one big chunk is not recommended and it should be spaced out through the day. This is a great topic to discuss because of the direction most are headed. When there is a television sitting there with a nice game consul it is tough to resist for most children. It is really fun for them to play these games. It is understandable that when given the option of taking it easy without exercising or going out and doing physical activity that most choose to do nothing. It is time the parents put effort in and make enjoyable activities that require physical exertion.