Clean Teeth and Heart Attacks?

I like to keep up on most of the research out in the world. It is not like I spend most of my days reading everything that is available, but it is fun to read what those brilliant researchers and scientists conclude after running experiments and evaluating the data. I guess that getting my teeth cleaned professionally can lower my risk of a heart attack? When this entered my mind I thought “hmm, this is odd and does not seem to be something that connects together”. It shows that the study was done in Taiwan and involved over one hundred thousand people. Non of the people involved had previous history of a heart attack. The one big flaw in my own personal opinion is that they did not take into account other risk factors. It is well know that things like smoking, drinking too much, and being obese are not good for health and can cut life span. Without any of this information it is already known how beneficial it is to go to the dentist and keep the gums and teeth in good shape. This is only more evidence for me to go ahead and see her more often. I will probably go two to three times a year now rather than the one to two times. It appears that soon we will be able to live way beyond ever imaginable when we put the cutting edge advice coming out into use.


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