Stressed out Children

I just read an article from Dr. Rajita Sinha from Yale Stress Center that read very well. She believes that if a child is brought up in a stressful environment and they had to react to it, they will have a similar response throughout their lifetime. It comes from the pathways developed in the mind at an early age. Over time it grows and becomes strong. This is adapting to the environment and how we survive. This doctor has many valid points and after reading it I want to keep great care of my kids. Having family support and a great environment is one way to keep a good place for them to learn and grow. Education can’t be ranked high enough as it will help them solve problems logically and objectively, which will increase their survival and help them make the correct decisions in life. Many people are learning about this now and are able to do a lot of good for the world. I know that I experienced quite a bit of turmoil early on and think about how my parents did not have the information that is available today. Hopefully my little ones can have a wonderful time on this earth and grow old with great health. This topic is huge and needs to be thought about by all. If we all put some effort into raising our offspring with love and provide them a place of safety our planet can only improve.


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