40 Percent of Cancers?

I just read that over 40% of cancers are a result of lifestyle choices. It took me a minute to think about it and then I continued to read. It mentions that there are things that we put into our bodies that are totally avoidable and we know they are bad for us. Smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, and eating bad foods. Those things are so well known by just about everyone. I am pretty up on the latest research and what causes ill health but after seeing this statistic is made a different impression on me. It is weird because often we do these things during the middle ages of life and then have to pay for it later and this does not help increase longevity. We have so much power to control our hands and not put tobacco into our mouths, as well as not picking up a hotdog and eating it. There are a few differences between men and women. Men need more fiber and women do better when they are thinner and have less weight on their body. This is a really neat report from the British Journal of Cancer and hopefully more like this will come out in the future. All of this information can help us all make healthier choices and live longer.

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