Babies and Umbilical Cord Blood

Going through nine months of pregnancy is not the easiest thing in the world, you should have seen my wife and can’t even imagine what it was like for her. I witnessed the first few months as she was taking multiple trips to the restroom and had some serious morning sickness. It was tough to watch because there is not much that can be done, she has to go through it and stay happy and healthy because the baby is growing so fast. Then it came the days of her talking about the stretching, simply watching the stomach grow, to an extent where it was hard to breath and simply walking was a mere true effort for her. Eating right, taking all vitamins and making sure that the little one kept growing the right way. All to look forward to that one day on the hospital bed where we would be able to finally see him and hold him in our arms with his precious little fingers.

There was one more thing that we need it to give so much attention to, but not much information is out there. All parents need to go above and beyond to be able to bank their child’s umbilical cord blood. There is so much new scientific research done on what it can do and about all the amazing benefits. So many diseases that it can possibly cure. We are no fortune tellers and can’t imagine what our most prized possession our kids, future will be like. So to guarantee the most amount of good health possible out there for them, this putting away this life saving miracle, is a must. We cannot protect them from all harm, the best that we can do is to try our best having a way of some types of child cancers is definitely worth all the effort in the world.


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