North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-il Passes 12-19-2011

Today, going through the news there was a major headline that has been pretty much on every station, and all the newspaper covers, one of the world’s most brutal dictator had passed away, from heart failure. In power for many decades, his own people had suffered many injustices and much heartache, because of his own will to do things, without taking anyone else’s well being except for his own and the immediate people surrounding him. We have come across with many of these types of tyrant dictatorships, from Stalin, Hitler, to the most modern Saddam and the late Kim Jong.

In my own opinion I think we as humans for our well being of our children and the planet as a whole must exercise our power to vote and prevent these types of people from ever getting into positions of power. We cannot let things happen and not take a stand. So many atrocities have already occurred in my lifetime only being in my thirties, simply since we have chosen to look the other way, and think that someone else will fix the problem. It kind of makes sense that I don’t get involved, being that this is not my country, but it still makes me want to help those who want freedom yet can’t experience it because of something like this in their way. So if we are in a position to move people, and educate them, even if it’s just our kids, teaching them our own morals and then letting them make a choice of what is best for them, so when they are adults they will also see things for what they are and help out those who may be suppressed from people like this.


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