Low-salt Eating Habits Increase my Heart Disease Likelihood? Say What?

It was just yesterday I was all stoked and happy that for the past couple of week the amount of salt that I consumed was a lot less than what it used to be and good for my heart. The shaker has been put away and the processed meats decreased. Here I thought I was doing something good for my health, then all of the sudden I run into some article today saying that what I have been working towards is actually bad for me. This is not the first time this has happened and actually has taken place numerous time during my life. This is not a study that has a huge amount of data to back up this, but it does start a few questions to turn up and possible scientists to look further into the issue. The main issue that doctors want their patients to focus on is getting their blood pressure down, and lowering the sodium intake helps this happen. The odd thing is that cholesterol and triglycerides go up. What in the world? This was only looked at over a four week period of time and obviously needs to be done over months or years with a large sample size. So, as of now I am going to continue with my current eating habits until this is looked into further.


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