Nobody is Unbeatable Not Even a Shark

There are thousands of beings on this earth. Human beings, animals who are broken down into mammals, amphibians, reptiles, ocean animals, who are then put into their own categories, insects and so many others that may be at the bottom of the sea that have not been discovered yet. Looking at a national geographic documentary about predators the other day, I have always thought that sharks are the strongest and most lethal of them all. With very sharp teeth that are shed just about thirty five thousand in one lifetime. Considered to be the lion of the oceans just like a Lion is on dry land, they are so big and so fast that even us as humans pay close attention to the areas they live in so, we stay out of harms way. But just as I had made up my mind about their invincibility there came along the one place where this may not be the case. Located in the ocean floors of the Puget Sound in the Northwest of the United States lives what is known as the giant octopus, measuring about thirteen feet without measuring its tentacles or better known as arms. Hard to believe but these are carnivores and one of their favorite things on the menu, well are sharks. Makes sense they are so big that one, should do for a couple of days worth of food. Hard to believe, but so true. This metaphor can be applied to our daily life, when our health is great, and we think we have accomplished everything and no one can touch us, there is always something that can outsmart us, and beat us to the finish line.


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