New Fossil Findings Shock Scientific Community

In science news something shocking came out, what was thought about fossils for the past couple of years has come into question. Rocks were gathered in China and these little micro-organisms were found that were not cells from animals or embryos. Basically it was believed that the cell division pattern was for embryos. So now they are saying this is not the case and quoted “the reproductive spore bodies of single-celled ancestors of animals”. They were believed to be living during the Ediacaran period, which is around the end of the ice age, which they like to call Snowball Earth because the entire ocean system was frozen.

Do you think that climate shocks initiated an evolution process causing multicellular existence? This is a great theory that makes a lot of sense. I am just hopping that the scientists can combine the previous studies with the new data and be able to get a complete picture of exactly what happened. It is so amazing for me to sit here and think that change has happened like it has. The ability to expand and grow into a more intelligent life form naturally through changes in climate and possibly something else. Science is cool, just saying.

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