Where is My Chocolate Bar?

I have heard over the years how good chocolate is for me, but did not eat that much of it because of concerns about my weight. Just recently a study came out that said men’s risk of having a stroke is cut by 1/6th if they eat a chocolate bar week. My favorite kind comes from Europe, and the study is from Sweden, which makes it quite fun. There were quite a few people in it and it was done for a long period of time, 10 years. It is also good to note that women showed a similar finding about a year or two ago.

They way it works is that the cocoa has flavonoids. They get the blood pressure down and help with artery health. It is great that they are antioxidants, adding more to the issue that we should all have plenty in our diets. One aspect that is kind of odd is that it is unknown if it is dark or milk. I have always heard that the darker the better, but that might not be the case. For now, the diet will include a bar a week, probably on Friday night. Mentally it will be beneficial for stress and lower it because I will meditate after the dessert and focus in on how delicious this gift is. We are so fortunate to be able to enjoy this wonderful delight.

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