Pregnancy Test With a Testicular Cancer Outcome

Read a news article today and imagined one day just deciding to walk into the bathroom, open up the mirror cabinet above the sink and pulling out my wife’s pregnancy test and using it for my own personal amusement, but this is what someone did not too long ago. The man’s test was positive and he found it amusing, posting a comic up about it online. Just after putting it up someone commented about how he should get it checked out as he could have testicular cancer. A visit to the doctor was made and it turned out he did indeed have cancer. The at home test detects human chronic gonadotropin which can be secreted by the tumor and traceable in the urine. The article went on to say that it was a rare form of the cancer and the odds of this actually coming together like it did are unheard of, but it happened.

I must say that odd things happen each day, most of the time I am unaware of them because of the enjoyment of living in my own little world. Luckily there are websites, newspapers, and social networking sites where finding out new things, learning, and becoming more aware are available for the majority of us. Information is able to travel faster than I would have ever imagined, it makes me wonder what it is going to be like five years from now.