Huge Benefits of Breastfeeding vs. Bottle Feeding

If you’re pregnant and have questions about bottle feeding versus breastfeeding, you’re certainly not alone. The bottom line is simple: if you can breastfeed, then do it. Although there are a number of excellent baby formulas on the market, they are simply not the same as a mother’s milk. Breastfeeding provides babies with much needed nutrients as well as specific antibodies for better health. It also provides an incredible bonding experience between mother and child.

One of the best ways to be successful at breastfeeding is to be as prepared as possible. This means finding out the most you can about the whole process. Some babies take to it very quickly, others may not. It might take some extra time to get your newborn to latch on correctly. It is important to stay calm and ask for help if you need it. Consulting with a breastfeeding expert before the birth of your child can help boost your confidence levels and help you answer any and all questions that you have about breastfeeding and what to expect. You can get tips on everything from how often a newborn feeds and how you should handle your nutrition needs.

If you are committed to nursing your child for the first year or are planning to return to work shortly after giving birth, you will probably want to invest in a breast pump. That way you can pump breast milk to be used later. It can be refrigerated for about three to five days. Freezing it is another possibility, and the recommendation for freezing breast milk is anywhere from three to six months. Your doctor or the breastfeeding expert you talk to can help you decide on what type of breast pump to get.

Mother’s milk is the best substance in the world for your baby. It protects against many sicknesses and helps build the baby’s immune system. It is also a way for mother and child to get baby time one on one. That bonding is extremely crucial for newborns. You will most likely find that your baby is the most content when you are holding her in your arms. And don’t despair if you have problems breastfeeding, just do your best and have confidence in your ability as a mother to do what is best for your child.