Geyser Beauty

old-faithful-geyser-yellowstoneIf you’re looking for a little bit of family fun that is also educational, a trip to Yellowstone National Park might be just the thing you’re looking for. Family vacations are great for bonding and sight seeing, and getting back to nature is highly recommended. A vacation that includes beautiful sights, along with a little bit hiking and other outdoor activities can be a way to relieve stress and grow closer as a family. And who says educational vacations aren’t fun, especially when learning about what a geyser is and what it does?

Geysers form from hot springs in enclosed spaces underground. They explode to the surface as a way to relieve pressure. In fact, they are very rare and there has to be a certain type of hydrogeological conditions for them to even exist. They need a heat source. The heat source is the earth’s hot magma, located far underground.The underground springs usually have some type of blockage or constriction in them that doesn’t allow for the hot water to escape. And when the surface water contact reaches a certain temperature, the bubbles within the water (from the heat) cause it to shoot above the surface of the ground. A geyser actually works as a vent for the underground spring.

One of the great things about Yellowstone National Park is that there are numerous geysers that are ejected above the surface of the ground. Some of them can shoot quite high in the air, others can shoot at an angle and actually create rainbows with their mist. Another fun fact about geysers is that they are always near volcanoes or in regions where volcanic activity has been seen.

In today’s technologically advanced times, getting back to nature reminds us to slow down a bit. Going for a hike in the great outdoors reminds us that our computers and smartphones shouldn’t be the things that always tether us together – and spending time with family and loved ones face to face is something that should be made a priority.