Miley Cyrus at the VMAs

For years, Miley Cyrus was the darling of the Disney Channel. A whole generation of children grew up watching her as she made her way through adolescence. They laughed when she laughed and felt her growing pains as she forged her way through her teenage years. One of the many reasons she was so popular was due to her clean image. However, it’s clear to see that little Miley has grown up. And she let it be known recently in no uncertain terms during the award ceremony known as the MTV’s Video Music Awards. (Does anyone remember when MTV actually played videos instead of the constant barrage of reality shows?)

Many people thought her performance was too much and their voices were heard through various social media outlets from the moment she stepped on stage. Some of that shock was seen on the faces of the audience during her performance, particularly when she was dancing around with the popular “Blurred Lines” singer, Robin Thicke. But was what she did so different than what Britney Spears or Madonna have done in the past? Each of those performers (and many more) have pushed the boundaries long before Miley was a blip on the Disney screen.

Much has been made about her costumes, especially what she was wearing as she gyrated up on Robin Thicke. But in the video of “Blurred Lines,” what Miley was wearing on stage simply went along with the theme Thicke played upon in his video. And the giant foam finger she waved around and used as a prop was simply just that – a prop. That’s what performers use to get the attention of their audiences. And as a seasoned performer, Miley Cyrus and her camp knew that.

While everyone may not be in agreement about Miley’s performance, there’s one thing that can’t be denied – she’s more than ready to rebel against her former image. And doesn’t everyone go through some rebellious stage at one point? To be honest, we just notice hers more than others because the cameras are always on her. Most of us are probably extremely grateful that we didn’t have cameras trained on our every move as we went through our rebellious phases – who wants the evidence? The bottom line is simple – Miley Cyrus has grown up. It’s time to get over it.