Breaking Bad

Who knew a television show about a high school chemistry teacher and a former student making crystal meth would be such a hit? That’s basically the premise behind Breaking Bad, the insanely popular AMC series that airs on Sunday evenings. But this series had people hooked from the beginning, particularly when we met Walter White, the teacher who was diagnosed with a form of cancer that will eventually kill him due to lack of a viable treatment plan. What is there to lose when you have a form of inoperable cancer?

White’s sidekick, Jesse Pinkman, is a former student. He’s also been in the drug trade in some form or another since his high school days. After White sees Pinkman again during a DEA bust, he decides to track him down and blackmail him in order to make some money – money that will go toward securing his family’s future. The unlikely pair soon find out that they need each other and that working together will be mutually beneficial.

In true drug runner fashion, having an alter ego is a way to operate under the radar and create a reputation. Jesse’s is “Cap’n Cook,” and Walter’s is “Heisenberg.” As he progresses fully into the drug scene, being known as Heisenberg is a way to separate his two divergent lifestyles – one has husband and father and cancer patient, the other as a cold-blooded killer and a prolifically talented meth maker.

Unfortunately for the millions of fans that have been tuning into the the television show for the last five years, this is the final season for the epic Breaking Bad series. Already, there have been little twists and surprises and hints of what’s to come. But how much more damage can Heisenberg sustain and create? How many more people will die and will the whole situation go up in a hazy smoke filled explosion? There’s only one way to find out firsthand – so be sure to stay tuned to this ever changing and incredibly addictive television show.