Mayweather vs. Canelo

If you’re a fan of boxing, you’re probably on the edge of your seat waiting for the September 14th match between Floyd Mayweather and Canelo Alvarez. But what’s the big deal about these two boxers? Is it because of Canelo’s youth, being only 23, versus Mayweather’s 36? Youth versus experience is a topic that has been debated in boxing (and in many other sports) for years. Whatever it is, the promotion machine has been running high and hard regarding this event. That’s probably why it sold out in a matter of hours. And yet people also say that boxing is a dying sport….

Betting odds on this fight are currently firmly in Mayweather’s camp. His entourage, nicknamed The Money Team, has already let the public know their thoughts on Alvarez’s ability to rule the roost on Saturday night. However, there are those who think that Alvarez can blow this out of the water. Of course, one of those people just happens to be Oscar De La Hoya. He’s Alvarez’s promoter. But others aren’t so sure that the young gun will be able to outfight his more experienced counterpart. Sure, he might be quick on his feet and have lightning quick reflexes, but Floyd has years of perfecting his technique under his belt.

Canelo’s techniques are straight from Mexico, with a full frontal attack being his modus operandi. And the older boxer has had some difficulty in the past in the 152lb. weight class they are going to be fighting in on Saturday. But both of them have no doubt been training very hard for this particular event. And if the statements zinging back and forth are any indication, the hype surrounding this event is only going to get bigger as we inch closer to that bell ringing.

The pay-per-view orders have been steadily climbing for days. Showtime’s popular sports reality show, “All Access,” has been showing episodes documenting the behind the scenes action. Revenues for this fight are no doubt going to be huge. And for those people who think boxing is a dying sport, maybe they should fly to Las Vegas on Saturday – they’ll no doubt be proved wrong.